Our solar sconce is a great idea for lighting your home area. It has very efficient solar panel and stable construction, which allows you to place it almost everywhere. ESL09 is waterproof and wireless, so there is no need for cables. It's also equipped with motion and night sensor. 

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Battery capacity:8000mAh
Dimensions of solar panel:270x180x20mm
Type of battery:Li-poly
Charging time:6~7Hrs by bright sunlight
Power of the light source:LED x36, 1000lm, 7W, 6000~6500K
Additional advantages:Compact solar panel: 5W, replaceable battery, wide angle, very sensitive motion sensor with energy saving mode
Solar Panel5W

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Solar sconce ESL09

From now on, your world may be different. Our solar sconce is an indispensable element of your building architecture. It allows you to light any space without any need for cables. All you have to do is to place your new sconce in every place you like. It is extremely elegant, light and it's integrated battery can be easily replaced. Our sconce is made of alumunium, what makes it lightweight and resistant to rain - you do not have to worry that something happens while it rains. ESL09, when fully charged from sunlight, can work up to 4 hours by giving very bright light. Think of the amazing possibilities that are in front of you - without laying power cables and without unnecessary expenses. Think about these amazing possibilities that are in front of you - only with the strength of solar radiation.

Careful selection of materials and thoughtful features allow up to take advantage of free solar energy. Use solar lamps for complete independence from external power sources for most small electronic devices. Some of them are also equipped with internal batteries that allow the equipment to recharge at any time, regardless of weather conditions. The device, which is offered by us, is a guarantee for total independence: wherever you are and whatever you do.

So …. What's more to think about?

Please note that the charging times given by photovoltaic panel relate to the ideal conditions of radiation in our latitude. Angle deviation of the sun and partial shade have a radical impact on the performance of such a source, so in effect lengthen the charging time.

The safety of our solution is:

  • Strong and stable construction

  • Very efficient solar panel

  • Battery overcharge protection

  • Protection against discharge of the battery 

  • Protection against short-circuit

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