Powerbank P2600W is compatible with the following devices:

  • All devices equipped with standard Apple 8-pin connector - iPhone 5,6, iPod
  • All devices equipped with micro USB
  • All devices equipped with mini USB

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Data sheet

Battery capacity:2600mAh
Extensions:microUSB, miniUSB, Lightning 8-pin
Type of battery:Li-Ion
Output voltage:5V, 1A

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From now on, your world may be different

While having reserve energy storage, you can do things impossible  so far. It is most important, however, that you gain priceless things: confidence and peace of mind. You simply need to connect the  battery charger to your device as if it were a normal battery charger. It is in this way that you can continue to work, to play as  well as to watch and your activities are not limited by access to an electric socket. The extraordinary functionality of this device  goes hand in hand with its unique appearance. It is simply beautiful and functional. 

It's possible to charge iPhone 5 with 8-pin connector, which is available in our store (look at accessories below)

Note: When choosing energy storage (power bank), please note that technology of transferring energy from the battery allows for efficient transfer of about 60% of minimum capacity of the connected device. This is due to deep discharge cells phenomenon and the conversion of part of the of the energy into the heat.

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